Have you ever entered a competition for the first time and left thinking, “Had I only known, I would have done this differently?”

Imagine having your child walk through the college application process one year ahead of schedule.

Imagine how far ahead of her peers she would be.

Imagine how he might alter his plans for junior year. Imagine how you will feel giving this gift to your child.

Practice now. Perfect later.

The college admission process is not about getting admitted to college.

This process is a time for students to actively reflect on who they are, what they’ve accomplished, why they want to attend college, and how they will contribute to this world. Heavy right? I know.

The truth is, senior year is packed with so much, that there is no time to really reflect on these “big” questions. 

Completing a college essay boot camp before junior year might seem completely crazy to you. And it might be, but I’d encourage you to consider it. Depending on your child’s dreams, this might be worth the investment for the short and long term happy future. 

Practice now. Perfect later.

BRONZE PACKAGE - Online Workshop: The College Acceptance Formula


What you get right away...

  • Access to the 2 hour walk through of the College Acceptance Formula
  • Downloadable workbook
  • 40 Sample Essays 
Get Instant Access!

SILVER PACKAGE - LIVE 4-Day Junior Jump Start Camp!


What you get in the 4 days...

  • 16 hours of Guided Daily Instruction.
  • 1-1 Personalized Feedback.
  • Assigned Counselor/Essay Coach.
  • No Student Homework: All Writing Completed In Class.
  • Homework (edits and feedback) for Writing Coaches only.
  • Packet of 70+ Sample Essays.

GOLD PACKAGE - LIVE: 5-Day Added Value


All the features of the 4-day camp PLUS;

  • Write 2 additional essays
  • Advise and research scholarship applications based on essay topics
  • Find 10 Scholarship Opportunities appropriately matched
  • Complete a minimum of 4 scholarship applications ready to submit.
Student testimonial

Genny, Class of 2020, Notre Dame HS

"It was not only a 4-day essay boot camp, it was a roller coaster ride of self discovery. I learned so much! Each lesson was important and informative and guided me when writing. I wrote a lot, so naturally I gained a lot of experience, but I’m so ready to write more essays. Cynthia and her team’s feedback helped develop and mature all 4 of my essays. It was unbelievably helpful and a great way to attack this awful process."

Student testimonial

Nicole, Class of 2020, La Habra High School

“The 4-day Essay Boot camp was truly a lifesaver and stress reliever. Before the camp, I had no idea about what to write about. Dr. Colon guided me through different exercises that I believe helped me get through this process. I learned how to take such simple and relatable topics and turn them into essays that draw the reader in.  Now I feel like I can be more relaxed during my senior year and not have to worry so much about my essays. I am forever grateful for Dr. Colon’s mentorship and motivation.” 


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Fredrick, Class of 2020, St. John Bosco

“This class was very fun and helped me explore and expand my essay topics that I would never have thought of on my own. Dr. Colon helped me write my college essays that I am proud to show to any college that I apply to.”


Who is Dr. Colón?

Author. Podcaster. College Admission Expert.

Dr. Cynthia Colón’s book, Tips, Tales, & Truths for Teens, takes the overwhelm out of the college admission process and offers students and parents what to do, when to do it, and how to get it done. Her national podcast, Destination YOUniversity, features VPs, Deans, and Admission Directors from colleges across the country. Dr. Colón has been featured on KTLA, ABC, NBC, FOX 5, KCAL, WGN, WKRC, and in Latina Style.

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Dr. Colón has read thousands of applications and worked directly with over 1000 students who have been admitted to top colleges in the country – including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Cornell, Brown, Duke, Georgetown, USC, UCLA, Berkeley, Notre Dame, and many more. Students from across the country enroll in Dr. C’s summer College Essay Boot Camps to complete 4-8 essays in just four or five days. Dr. C and her team create a highly supportive environment and deliver personalized feedback for students to write essays they feel confident and are ready to hit send after just four days.


Dr. Colón is an alumna of USC, Teachers College, Columbia University and UCLA.