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I Coach Middle & High School Teens & Parents Specific Strategies to Navigate the College Admission Process with Confidence and Success.

You’re a parent, but don’t know where to begin, what to ask, and how to invest your time and resources.

You’re a motivated teen, but you want a clear path (and checklist) of what to do to make sure you get it right!

You’re applying to selective (or highly selective) colleges, but you don't know what to write to make sure YOU stand out in a pool of thousands.

Parents and College-Bound Teens, at Destination YOUniversity You Will Discover a Step-by-Step Process to Guide You Through the College Admissions Journey.

Parents: The Thought of Your “Baby” Leaving Home in Just a Few Years (or months) is Scary Enough

But having to navigate college admissions, a system you know little or nothing about, will inevitably cause stress and tension in your home.

Make sure your teen feels loved and supported as you both navigate this once in a lifetime experience.

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Few Students Will Receive That Coveted, “You’re In” From the College of Their Dreams

And the main reason for this is while nearly any high school senior can submit an application to their Dream College, very few understand that it takes months, and I dare say years, to build, implement, and produce a COMPELLING application.

The activities you choose, the service you do for others and the life experiences you face through high school all become part of your application. Don't go through high school hoping you have done enough.

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Your Academic Qualities Are Your Ticket To The Dance. However, Your Essays Are What Set You Apart!

You only have 600-1600 words and approximately 60 seconds to capture your reader and reveal who you are to the admissions committee.

But you can get ahead of the game, build confidence through expert guidance, and avoid the pitfalls most seniors make. The path to success is paved for you.

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Follow The Dream College Steps To Success:

Decide To Get Ahead!

90% of the college application happens before senior year.

Follow The Steps And Put In The Work.

Choose the course that's right for you, then easily follow the proven step-by-step process

Confidently Hit Submit To Your Dream Colleges.

You have increased your chances of success and maximized your yeses!

Suddenly I'm My Teen's Counselor.

Now What?

Get the answers you need now - I'm your pocket college counselor and have added my best tips and resources to this guide.