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Hi, I'm Dr. Cynthia Colon. 

I help college-bound teens become interesting applicants and write college admission essays that increase acceptance letters. 


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Destination YOUniversity Podcast offers the nation a step-by-step college admissions guide: what to do, how to do it, and when to get it done. Through specific strategies, guided lessons, and VIP guests, Dr. Colón offers all teens and parents a path to college. No matter where you live, what grade you’re in, or what school you attend, Dr. Colón can get you to the College Admission Finish Line

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No joke, after reading the first chapter, this easy, funny, and heartwarming book will leave you wanting to do cartwheels knowing you are in control of the college admission process. I promise you, THIS is the perfect match to your 4-Year High School Plan! And, um, don’t tell anyone, but ALL of the tales are based on real students.

You’re gonna love it!

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It was only two years ago that I realized this teen-proofed, battle tested essay workshop should be available to every student with a dream to attend college. For years I used this activity just for my private clients, but since taking this “show” on the road – thousands, literally thousands of students have benefited and found their “WOW” essay! 

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What do you get in the Online Essay Workshop?

In just 90 minutes I will take you through the 4-step formula that makes your application essays STAND OUT!

My promise to you: 

You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling…

CONFIDENT in yourself, with your writing, and to complete your essays.

AHEAD of your peers! A weight will be taken off your shoulders once you do the hard work: get started!

EXCITED about YOU! You will realize just how interesting you are and how much you have to write about. Now that is exciting! 

READY to get to the finish line and #getitdone

Meet Dr. C!

Dr. Colón has been featured on ABC, NBC, KTLA, FOX 5, KCAL, WGN, WKRC and in Latina Style.

Dr. Colón has worked as both an admission officer at Vassar College in New York and as a college counselor at the elite private Marymount High School in Los Angeles. She has read thousands of applications and worked directly with over 800 students who have been admitted to top colleges in the country – including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Brown, Duke, Georgetown, USC, UCLA, Berkeley, Notre Dame, and many more.

As the first in her family to attend college, Dr. Colón is on a mission to help every student, no matter her/his background, pave their way to the college of their choice. Further, she offers parents and educators the tools to support teens along the road to college.

Cynthia’s passion is obvious and her infectious energy can captivate any audience. She loves all things baseball, Trojan football, and enjoys crafting, reading, and running.

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I keep a limited number of slots open for 1-2-1 coaching. This is done via video call and available wherever you are in the world! If you would like to explore this, please book a call with me below.


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